Reef Men’s Super X 3.2mm Wetsuit

The Reef Super X has the ultimate in flexibility, warmth, technology, comfort, still allowing you free movement.

  • Super X Pile Jersey Double knit, 30% lighter, absorbs less water, and increases the warmth on the torso.
  • Drainage System Allows excess water to drain freely without compromising warmth.
  • Seams Nylon II Stretch taped and welded seams, stronger, more flexible and water tight, while still giving you total comfort.
  • Titanium Internal lining for added warmth.
  • Neck Entry System Designed to keep water out with adding extra flexibility across the back.
  • Seamless Shoulders and Underarms Unrestricted movement giving you full flexibility. 
  • Super-light neoprene rubber Lighter by 20% than regular neoprene. Softer and more stretch, easy to put on and take off, allowing better feel and freedom of movement.
  • Supra-Tex II Knee's Durable, flexible outer, lightweight, protecting you and your board without compromising your comfort or flexibility.
  • Latex Cuff Seals Restricts water entry.

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