Reef Pro Diamond 4.3mm Eco

The New Reef Pro Diamond ECO is lighter, warmer and even more flexible, and to top it off has a reduced carbon foot print of 72%, which not only increases your comfort and water time. 

  • Limestone Neoprene We use earth mined limestone to replace petrochemicals in our neoprene. It comes from nature and has less environmental impact.  PAHs Minimized Formulation neoprene rubber foam formulation eliminated near all of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) substances.
  • Eco Carbon Black Carbon Black, one of the key ingredients of neoprene, can now be pyrolyzes from scrap rubber tires. This significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emission by 200g per wetsuit.
  • Water Based Glue water-based glue, eliminating harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Diamond Pile Flex Jersey Dries faster than other Jerseys. Double knit, 20% lighter, absorbs less water and an internal irrigation flow system for drying.
  • Drainage System Allows excess water to drain freely without compromising warmth.
  • Seams Nylon II Stretch taped and welded seams, stronger, more flexible and water tight, while still giving you total comfort.
  • Neck Entry System Designed to keep water out with adding extra flexibility across the back.
  • Seamless Shoulders and Underarms Unrestricted movement giving you full flexibility. 
  • Super-light I Neoprene rubber Warmer, lighter by 20% than regular S-Foam neoprene. Softer with even more stretch, easy to put on and take off, allowing better feel and freedom of movement.
  • Supra-Tex Knee Durable, flexible outer, lightweight, protecting you and your board without compromising your comfort.
  • Latex Seals Restricts water entry.

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