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Reef Wetsuits South Africa:

Reef Wetsuits South Africa:

Based on the southernmost tip of the African continent, off the icy Atlantic waters of Cape Town. Wetsuits SA has manufactured wetsuits for nearly four decades. In 1987 the company was taken over by the Stringer family and today exists as a primary supplier of wetsuits to the South African water sport market under their brand name “Reef”.

The Stringer family’s total confidence in their product and the future of South Africa, led them to the international market where their diverse range of wetsuits compares favourably with overseas competitors in styling, price and above all workmanship and after sales service.

In addition to quality wetsuits designed and manufactured for all water sports disciplines, Wetsuits SA have developed an accompanying range of sports bags, surfing accessories, and surf wear.  

The company’s involvement in surfing goes back to the 1960’s when they were faced with the challenge of producing a wetsuit that offers warmth, comfort and flexibility for surfers in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean

Wetsuits SA started another business platform in 2006 where it took on other international brands to distribute into the South African market through their sales teams in Durban, Johannesburg, East London and Cape Town (Head Office).  Today Wetsuits SA aligns itself with top brands: Ocean & Earth, Stomp Surf Wax, Komunity Projects, Stealth Bodyboards, Wax Buddy Combs and SeventyOne Percent sun block.

Today the company is still committed to developing the ultimate wetsuits for the South African market. To this end a team of top watermen of World Champion’s and South African champion’s provide constant feedback ensuring their production, materials and design are up to date with the global market.

Wetsuits SA is a family-run business with a long history. They are fortunate and privileged to have a dedicated, proud and loyal workforce, many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years.

A commitment to manufacturing to the highest standards forms an integral part of their operational ethos which is embodied in their slogan, quality, efficiency, innovation and service.

Quality wetsuits can only come from the use of quality materials and to this extent Wetsuits SA is uncompromising. Use of the world’s leading neoprene supplier and manufacturer, YKK zips and the best of imported inks are the starting point for products that compare favourably with the best brands in the world.

The same inflexible approach exists on their use of the latest technology available, machinery, computer and printing equipment are constantly upgraded to stay abreast of international developments, enabling Wetsuits SA to compete against the international opposition brands.

One of the great successes of Wetsuits SA is being surfing’s oldest running sponsor to the SSA (Surfing South Africa). Wetsuits SA is also affiliated by sponsorship to NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute), Two Oceans Aquarium, Isiqala – Waves of Change, and the Shark Spotters programme.



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