Reef Wetsuits

Reef HydroFlex 4.3mm

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The New Reef HydroFlex has less seams with increased flexibility. The HydroFlex is more flexible, lighter and warmer with a reduced carbon footprint. This combination enables you to surf at your highest level of performance, keeping you warmer, and longer in the water.

        • Super-light Limestone Neoprene rubber - Earth mined limestone replacing petrochemicals. Comes from nature with decreased enviromental impact. Warmer, lighter by 20% than regular stretch neoprene. Softer with even more stretch, easy to put on and take off, allowing better feel and freedom of movement and more environmentally friendly.
        • Dope Dyed Yarn infuses dye pigments into molten plastic solution to produce colored yarns without the dyeing process. This saves tremendous amounts of water while reducing energy consumption and water pollution.
        • Eco Carbon Black is one of the key ingredients of neoprene, can now be pyrolyzes from scrap rubber tires. This significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emission by 200g per wetsuit. 104L Water ResourceConserved per kg of fabric.
        • Aqua-X Lamination - Water based glue, eliminating harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Solvent Free!!
        • Thermal Heat Flex Jersey Double knit, lighter, increased flex and comfort which absorbs less water.
        • Triple Glued & Blindstitched seams with Hand Glued Xtend Neoprene tape inside, stronger, more flexible and a water tight seal.
        • Easy-Entry Neck System Designed to keep water out while adding extra flexibility across your shoulders and back.
        • Seamless Shoulders and Underarms - Unrestricted movement giving you full flexibility. 
        • S-Tex II Knee, Durable, lightweight & more flexible.
        • Cuff Seals - Latex Inner Seal with Silicone printed outer restriction which restricts water entry.
        • Internal Key Pocket with loop tie.