Reef Wetsuits

Reef Skimboard

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Size: 37"

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- High-density plywood
- High tech EVA deck provides supreme grip
- Beginner: Can ride their board straight over a thin layer of water.
- Intermediate: Can ride their board at speed and do some tricks on the flat, or in the foam: 360, varial, etc.
- Expert: Can ride their board at speed to the waves and do tricks and/or surf back to the beach.


- This skimboard is designed for teenagers and adults weighing more than 40 kg wanting to want to find out what it’s like to skim across the water.
- To be used on a thin layer of water.
- Do not use on very windy days.
- Do not use if there are pebbles or rocks on the beach.


- Please note that falls are common when skimboarding.
- Warm up your wrists and ankles before you start. 
- Throw the board in a flat, open area (watch out for swimmers).